About Us

Welcome To Munask

Munask is a small business frame established at Riyadh city in 1991 and this year munask started to develop a management and consulting smart software with a very rich solid IT experience and young bright programmer analyst. The first software product is a tool to manage data center resources, it is definitely the time to discover and learn some thing about this smart product. It will give all the staff a perfect arena to manage their data center workload.

A powerful and easy to collaborate software application, and will increase performance accurate, and save their time, give every one the privilege to do what he is good in, productive personal and technical will feel their important, manager will be appreciated their decision making every one will know what he should to know and to do, the software will transform any IT center to a perfect professional working environment. It is smart, friendly and accurate collaborating is the name of the software, there will be no cap or misleading under IT manager software. It is the manager smart automatic patrol software.

We are sure if any IT center tray our "automatic IT center manager application" will never attempt to take a decision without it. You do not need any more managements tools like help disk, workflow ...

Now IT leaders and managers can enjoy their jobs and focus to plan, and shape up their business frame because work transparency and governed. IT staff will be clear as crystal, manager can see all their staff performance and level of knowledge without hold or organizing meeting to find out what to do with a IT project. Whatever the job assigned to your staff the software will assign the job to the correct employee and the process will be monitor. The CM software will turn IT center to a pioneer given the management privilege to lead in clear sky all the time and dominate the frame success.