Director Office

Director Office software is a User-friendly management tool for IT Directors

Managing Information Technology center resources has proven to be a real challenge for IT directors due to business software deficiency that made directors decisions less effective to reach their organizations goals, directors decisions must rely on accurate information to be fully aware of their current business status. DirectorOffice software is the most powerful solution to IT directors management business.

The DirectorOffice software is powerful and easy to use that will take IT directors to their success in easy steps, we guarantee that IT centers productivity will be efficient and increase their business productivity by more than 25%.

This product tracks and reports IT centers business, help directors to forecast staff skills and definite will guide business to their success We devote to develop new smart features continuously that will make directors on top of their business.

Director's Office
This software provides an ideal platform for managing IT data centers that enables users to achieve their desired goals and objectives, including:

  • Effective administration
  • Complete transparency
  • Increased production
  • Precise workflow monitoring
  • Skills discovery and navigation
  • Diligent planning of staff training and development
These key attributes are complemented by many other features that empower directors to instantly make well-informed decisions. This software has been developed in a way that makes it fully compatible with all the various management systems that are currently utilized at IT centers.

Implementing workflow governance in the management of IT centers involves assigning the tasks to the most suitable employee based upon expertise and skills. This ensures that all jobs are assigned swiftly and correctly, which ultimately translates into increased efficiency and profitability for your company.

This program tracks every job from creation to completion, and logs all of the required data. This precious information eliminates blind spots and enables the director to evaluate all of the completed tasks with complete transparency.

The ratio of failed projects in the IT industry is very high when compared with other industries, such as engineering and manufacturing. This bitter reality is a direct result of poor decision-making, but good decisions can only be made if they are based on accurate and reliable information. Director's Office provides directors and individuals with prompt and precise statistics in charts and tables that make analyzing the data easier, and make the decision-making process effortless and accurate.

This software is compatible with the wide range of systems used in IT centers. There is no need for any adjustments or downloading of additional add-ons. This compatibility engenders self-confidence for users and makes using the program straightforward and easy.

Director Office offers the necessary tools required to familiarize directors with the skills possessed by their workforce. This also enables the correct planning of future staff training and development programs. By using these tools, the director is also able to list and specify the relevant skills required for a particular project and accordingly assign the tasks to the most suitable employees.

Task management and monitoring is one of the main features offered by the Director's Office program. Whenever a new task is requested, it will immediately be assigned to the correct employee and the exact time and date will be recorded. This will save valuable time, as the quicker a task is assigned, the quicker it will be completed. Similarly, all of the tasks are continuously monitored from creation to completion, which makes delays or problems - in case they arise - easier to address and solve.

The video conference element of Director's Offices is a unique feature that allows all of its users to participate in meetings from the comfort of their desktops. Furthermore, the communication takes place within the organization's Local Network, so there is no need for an external connection.

This program also stands out for its automatic evaluation of employees and its innovative rating system, which is based on a sophisticated and unique algorithm. Evaluation occurs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and it automatically issues certificates of acknowledgment and caution letters.

The consultation box is a feature linked to the skills management component. By using this box, the director is capable of acquiring specific consultations from employees based on their skill sets and expertise, potentially saving on large consultation fees. All of this is achieved with a single click!

The program is capable of drafting an organization chart within seconds if provided with the required data. This gives the user a quick bird's-eye view of the organizational structure of the company

The director has the ability to notify all employees of important information with a few clicks of the mouse by using the notification bar.

This program utilizes the highest industry standards for encryption to ensure that all company data is secure at all times.

Free Technical Support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.